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Eco Pass Employees

Eco-Pass: Transit Pass Discounts for Employees

Eco-Pass is an annual pass that provides unlimited bus, trolley, and flex route transportation service.

RIPTA is introducing a new program called Eco-Pass for employers who are interested in offering their employees a reduced cost transit benefit. The Eco‑Pass is an annual unlimited ride pass.

Similar to our highly successful UPass program for colleges and universities, this smart card allows employers to subsidize transit per ride, eliminating the need to distribute monthly fare products and encouraging transit usage among occasional riders.

Employers pay a reduced fare rate, distribute as many cards as they want, and pay only for the rides taken.

  • No implementation costs. Electronic smart cards, administrative assistance, and technical support are free.
  • Per ride trip costs dramatically reduced. Call for details.
  • Any size company can participate.
  • Detailed monthly ridership/billing report provided.
  • Commuter Resource RI provides on-site events and one-on-one trip planning for employees.

Tap N’ Go Technology

  • Smart Cards are provided free of charge
  • Can be activated and deactivated at any time
  • Pay only for rides taken
  • Electronically calculates ridership info for accurate billing and reporting
  • Allows for easy and fast boarding

Employer Benefits

  • Pay only for rides taken
  • Can eliminate expensive employer provided leased parking
  • Solves insufficient, inconvenient, or unsafe parking issues
  • Reduces payroll taxes via pre-tax benefit
  • Helps companies fulfill “green” initiatives
  • Effective recruiting and retention tool
  • Detailed ridership billing report

 Employee Benefits

  • Reduces commuting costs
    (gas, wear & tear on your vehicle)
  • Can increase salary by using pre-taxed dollars
  • No parking expenses
  • Peace of mind provided by Guaranteed Ride Home Program. Call 401-784-9575 for more information.
  • Reduces air pollution and traffic congestion.
  • Can reduce car insurance rates

Eco Pass Brochure